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How does your leadership style help set the foundation for crafting your personal narrative?

About this webinar

What kind of leader are you?

  • Are you are all about driving results?
  • Do you care most about "doing the right thing"?
  • Does solving problems with style and craft matter to you?
  • Or, are you just not sure?

Could this lack of clarity in your leadership style be preventing you from optimizing fulfillment in both your career and life?

We know from research that being unfulfilled is not good for your physical or mental health. When you know your leadership style, you are in a great position to get your story straight and conquer the world - and that's decidedly good.

The world needs to hear your story. Your truth, as they say, will set us free.

In this webinar, we'll help you identify and interpret your leadership style. With this foundation you will then be able to build your house of inclusive leadership. You will:

  • identify themes from your past that embody your values,
  • align them with your present situation, and
  • pave a clear and consistent path for yourself moving forward.

In short, what you're doing is building your authentic personal narrative. . . your powerful, compelling, inspirational personal narrative that inspires others to greatness. We know, it sounds too easy to be true. But it's not. You've got a kick-butt story inside you; we're just going to pull out of you so you can share it with the world. You down?

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  • Guest speaker
    JK G
    Jared Karol Workplace Culture Consultant @ JaredKarol.com

    My purpose is to help people just like you understand the full scope of what’s possible––to help you transform your limiting beliefs into a new perspective so you go out into the world as an innovative, consciously inclusive leader.


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