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6 Ways That HR Professionals and Managers Can Increase Millennial Retention Rates

About this webinar

Millennials are taking the workplace by storm, but quickly becoming notorious for high turnover rates caused by frequent "job hopping." With Millennial turnover costing the U.S. Economy $30.5 billion annually (Gallup), it's time for employers to step up and work towards a retention solution.

We'll be discussing 6 ways HR Professionals and Managers can change workplace systems to retain employees in the millennial age group.

You will walk away with steps you can take to:

  • Increase employee engagement and fulfillment, especially for millennials
  • Maximize the potential of on-boarding programs
  • Train managers to work collaboratively with their teams
  • And more!

We will also leave room at the end of the webinar for our expert on millennial retention, Courtney Deimel, to answer any and all questions about engaging Millennials at work.

Hosted by

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    Emma Powers Moderator @ Imperative

  • Guest speaker
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    Courtney Deimel Director of Organizational Development @ Imperative

    Courtney provides proven expertise in organizational development, cultivating purpose-driven workplace cultures, and millennial career coaching and leadership development. She leads with strong emotional intelligence and a true passion for implementing progressive ideas. Courtney's imperative is...


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