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The AI Journey: Optimizing Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units

About this event

See how AI closed-loop automation generates millions on FCC systems

Where does AI optimization fit in the plant… and how do you get from the concept to a solution in a hectic and challenging production environment? Join us as we follow the journey of a customer’s implementation of Imubit’s AI optimization solution, from defining the plant’s objective to extracting millions of dollars of annualized value on a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking system by improving yield performance while managing key constraints all through direct control.

In this webinar you will see the entire journey: understanding the current state and the challenges at the plant, the scope of Imubit’s Closed Loop Neural Network™ solution, the path to adoption and implementation, and the ultimate value that was realized. As a bonus, we will show a stunning example of how deep learning models can understand the impact of unmeasured disturbances just through training on data that is available at the plant.

You will walk away with a high-level process of applying AI to capture your plant’s full value potential.

There will also be a live Question & Answer session during the webinar.

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    Geraldine Hwang Product Manager @ Imubit

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    John Whiteside

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    Abi Mukund

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AI process optimization solutions for oil refineries and chemical plants

Imubit is unlocking new profits at hydrocarbon processing plants with new deep learning process control technology.