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True 24-7 Plant Optimization with AI

About this event

See how AI closed-loop automation delivers results

Imagine someone who is only focused on operating and optimizing your plant, and who has almost unlimited experience of that particular plant. This operator would be able to use historical knowledge and intuition from millions of different situations that have occurred previously to continuously keep the plant at the optimal condition. Despite the constant disturbances and small variations in things such as feed composition, this operator would rely on their vast experience to respond to the gaps in measured information and generate the greatest value.

Of course, there are few if any operators with that kind of experience - until you add artificial intelligence (AI) to the mix. AI based on deep learning and closed-loop neural networks brings the equivalent of thousands of years of experience to bear on process optimization, empowering plant engineers to improve performance faster and more accurately.

This approach has been adding millions of dollars of annual profit through minute-by-minute automated optimization of key operating strategies at refineries and chemical plants. But how does this technology work? How is it different from traditional control and optimization technology? And most importantly, how does it deliver that significant value?

Join us on April 26th as we discuss Imubit’s Closed Loop Neural Network™ platform. We will cover some fundamental concepts of AI and spotlight the technology’s powerful capabilities with real case studies. You will see how this type of AI is actually delivering millions of dollars of value in continuous optimization at refineries and chemical plants today, including topics such as:

  • Requirements for AI technology to automate plant operating strategies
  • Fundamental concepts of AI, specifically Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • How to interpret what AI models have learned
  • How this technology could be applied at your site

There will also be a live Question & Answer session during the webinar.

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    Abi Mukund Head of Product Strategy @ Imubit

    Over 10 years in refining and petrochemicals. Previous work experience includes process engineering, controls, and economics in refining and olefin operations for LyondellBassell. Has been at Imubit for 4 years, working and leading the implementation engineering team before moving into product.

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    Nell Lukosavich

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    John Whiteside


AI process optimization for refineries and chemical plants

Imubit is unlocking new profits at hydrocarbon processing plants with new deep learning process control technology.