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A New Era in Graduate Recruitment – Time for Meaningful Experiences

About this webinar

Optimising graduate recruitment continues to be a priority for most employers. The quest for the perfect solution, creating a stand-out employer brand experience while sifting out high volumes of unsuitable applicants, and identifying top talent, all with minimal cost.

The industry hasn’t been short of new providers, approaches, fads and technology. In fact, in HR, graduate recruiters are those often left feeling spoilt for choice. But, are these approaches really working? Are they fit for today’s world of work? And, more importantly, are they meeting the needs of current graduates and employers?

This webinar will cover research undertaken by SHL, delving into some of the valuable insights they received. The key to attracting graduates is having a genuine understanding of their challenges so you can provide them with a worthwhile experience. Showcase your brand and everything you stand for, and present to them an environment they want to grow in.

What’s being discussed:

  • The characteristics of today’s graduates
  • What graduate recruiters are looking for and the reality of what is available
  • SHL’s Model of Graduate Challenges
  • How to turn your recruitment process into an adventure
  • …and much more!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    EK G
    Edina Komaromi-Racz Marketing @ SHL

  • Guest speaker
    JL G
    Jessica Lo Marketing @ SHL

  • Guest speaker
    Jack Walker Head of Busienss Development @ SHL

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