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Supercharging your Candidate Engagement through Talent Pipeline Automation

About this webinar

A strong talent pipeline is fundamental to your organisation’s success. But what is the best way to achieve this? Talent pipeline automation is the tool you’ve been looking for to cut your time-to-hire down while building the best pool of candidates.

Join our free webinar to find out how you can access the best talent pipeline, drastically reducing your hiring time in the process. With digitalisation transforming the way we approach business, you can evolve your recruitment strategy through automation and learn how to reap all the benefits.

What’s being discussed:

- Candidate behaviours and how this influences employer brand

- How to effectively reduce your time-to-hire

- The tools for candidate retention

- How to develop your communication skills- connect both emotionally and rationally with your candidates

- Practical case studies to educate and inspire you

- … and much more!

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  • Guest speaker
    AG G
    Adam Gordon Co-Founder and CEO @ Candidate.ID

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