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Authentic Employer Branding: It works. When told right

About this webinar

80% of talent leaders believe employer branding is a key driver of making quality hires, yet only 50% of companies surveyed believe they have a proactive brand strategy.

We know employer brand matters, but there’s a gap when it comes to execution and getting stakeholder buy-in. Enter: storytelling.

In this session, PathMotion presents the results from a first-of-its-kind study and will be looking with Emma Fulton from British Army at the effectiveness of storytelling in HR, and how this approach worked for the multinational organisation.

Key takeaways:

  • How storytelling works on a neurological level and how businesses in other sectors have achieved success with it
  • The results from a first of its kind study looking at the effectiveness of storytelling in HR.
  • How to use persuasive stories to improve your employer brand in an authentic way – a critical point from anyone who recruits millenials or Gen Zs.
  • Practical ways to make storytelling work for you-including what makes a story persuasive, and where to use stories across the candidate journey.

Join our webinar where we explore the steps organisations can take to bring the right kind of stories to life in their employer brand strategy.

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  • Guest speaker
    Emma Fulton Head of Marketing Planning @ Army Recruiting Group, Capita

  • Guest speaker
    David Rivel Co-founder @ PathMotion

  • Team member
    In-house Recruitment Managing Director @ In-house Recruitment

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