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Marketplace Masterclass - Post-Prime Day Opportunities, Results, and Trends

About this event

Learn the advertising strategies that work, and that don't

Join us as we share the best recommendations to help you can drive more sales on Amazon with the most effective advertising strategies.

  • Make the most of your advertising spend
  • Discover the advertising do's and don'ts
  • Learn the latest post-prime day results and trends
  • Get ready for Prime Day no. 2, happening this fall

What to Expect

It's confirmed: For the first time ever, there will be a second Prime Day this year.

In this masterclass we dive into Post-Prime Day results, predictions, trends, opportunities, and top recommendations to drive sales with Amazon using the most effective advertising strategies.

Can't make it?

No problem! Register anyway and we'll send you a link to an on-demand replay, as well as the presentation slides.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Incubeta Marketing

  • Guest speaker
    Anouck van Rietschoten Head of Operations @ Incubeta Maze-One

    Anouck has worked at Incubeta Maze-One since 2018, first as a Marketplace Specialist and today as the Head of Operations. Her expertise is rooted in years of hands-on experience of driving long-term ecommerce success for brands.


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