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European SMEs on the road to India: Intellectual property and business challenges

About this event

Innovative SMEs going international face substantial challenges and the Indian legal and business landscape is not an exception. INNOWWIDE and the India IP SME Helpdesk have joined forces with the Business Support to the EU–India Policy Dialogues and EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership initiatives.


In this webinar, we aim to offer EU SMEs an overview of Intellectual Property and business challenges, as well as tools which can help to overcome them.

  • Welcome by INNOWWIDE

Chiara Davalli - INNOWWIDE, Senior Project Leader

  • Protecting Innovation in India: patents, designs and trade secrets

Vicente Zafrilla Díaz-Marta - University of Alicante, IP Expert

Hana Onderková - EBTC Delhi, IP Expert

  • Opportunities & Challenges: EU support to businesses operating in India

Joel Fernandes - Business Support to the EU–India Policy Dialogues and EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership, Project Lead Europe


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    India IP SME Helpdesk

    The India IP SME Helpdesk offers first-line support on Intellectual Property and IP rights matters to facilitate the expansion of European SMEs and SMEs from countries associated to the Single Market Programme (SMP) that operate or intend to access the Indian market.

  • Guest speaker
    Chiara Davalli Senior Project Leader @ EBN

  • Guest speaker
    Vicente Zafrilla Díaz-Marta IP Coordinator @ India IP SME Helpdesk

  • Guest speaker
    Hana Onderkova Head of IP @ EBTC

  • Guest speaker
    Joel Fernandes Project Lead Europe @ EBTC

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