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IP Protection and Enforcement in Africa, China, India & Latin America - Online and offline protection of European Brands and Innovations.

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Protection and Enforcement of IP - How can European SMEs protect their Brand and Innovation?

IPR-Intensive industries contribute to over 45% of EU economy and 29% of employment. The increase in online e-commerce platforms has eased promotion and distribution of counterfeit products worldwide, making it a priority issue for enforcement authorities and a main concern for Innovative enterprises. Recent OECD & EUIPO study on illicit trade and counterfeited goods saw India, China, and countries of SEA regions as top 10 provenance countries for counterfeit goods. Additionally, the EUIPO study found that counterfeit goods resulted in a loss of over 60 billion euros to the EU economy.

The session is organised by the International IP SME Helpdesks to illuminate EU SMEs on do’s and don’ts when faced with infringement or counterfeits of their brands and products in international markets. The objective of the session is to provide a brief outline of avenues of infringement in respective markets, the public authorities in charge, the legal remedies and enforcement measures available in Africa, Asia (China, India) and Latin America countries.

The overall aim of the session is to build capacity and ensure that EU SMEs can explore and exploit business opportunities in third countries while protecting their brands and enforcing their rights when necessary.

The session will touch upon the following:

  • Intellectual property in the value chain – from production, packaging to distribution: what kind of rights apply and what is the strategy to be employed.
  • Main infringement avenues in respective regions and Public Authorities in charge
  • Legal remedies available and enforcement measures to be sought in case of online and offline infringement.
  • Duration of trial and approx. costs involved in Infringement suits.

Registration is free of charge.


September - 7 , 10:30 am - 12:00 (CET).

10:30 – 10:43 am India IP SME Helpdesk - Introduction.

10:45 -10: 57 am – African IP SME Helpdesk

List of Priority Countries; Legal Agencies involved; Legal Steps to be taken and Remedies Available.

11:00 – 11:13 – China IP SME Helpdesk

Avenues of infringement, Legal Agencies involved; Legal Steps to be taken and Remedies Available, Duration and Approx. Cost.

11:15 -11:28 – Latin American IP SME Helpdesk

List of Priority Countries; Legal Agencies involved; Legal Steps to be taken and Remedies Available, Duration and Approx. Cost.

11:30-11:45 – Q&A.


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