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About this event

The Indian IT industry accounted for 8% of India’s GDP in 2020 and is expected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2025. With over 4.5 million people employed by the IT industry India attracted around US$ 74.12 billion in foreign direct investments. With a large young population, growing middle class , technological competence market size and data availability India offers a huge potential market for European SMEs to explore.

The huge potential India offers comes with related risks necessitating an informed and strategic plan to license and commercialize your software products. Indian IP SME helpdesk will be organizing a training session for European SME's to build capacity, explore business opportunities and learn about methods to protect their software and AI products when internationalizing to India.

Post a brief introduction on Indian Intellectual Property laws by Rafael Pereir, a Founders of DJ Monitor( and Beatoven ( will share their practical insights on internationalizing and starting operations in India.


The session will touch upon the following:

  • Brief Introduction to IP in India (Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secrets).
  • Software Licensing and Commercialization IP - Strategy for European SMEs and startups
  • European SME go to market use case: chat with the Founder of DJ Monitor
  • AI in India, use case: chat with the Founder of Beatoven
  • Q&A with all panelists/use cases.

Registration is free of charge.


14:00 | Brief Introduction on India IP SME Helpdesk

Girish Somawarpet Nagraj - IP Expert- India IP SME Helpdesk

14:05 | Brief Introduction to IP in India (Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secrets).

Rafael Pereira – Managing Partner – Tinnuts IP Law Firm.

14:30 | Practical Insights on European SME go to Market Strategy & Artificial Intelligence Commercialization in India.

Yuri Dokter - Founder, DJ Monitor

Mansoor Rahimat Khan Co-founder & CEO,

14:50 | Q&A session


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