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How Infogrid’s indoor air quality monitoring can help you get ahead of regulations and create a healthier work environment to improve employee wellbeing and productivity

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In the aftermath of Covid, public health bodies across the globe are creating a growing range of guidelines and recommendations regarding the importance of monitoring indoor air pollution. With employees returning to the office in force, organizations are rushing to prioritize indoor air quality (IAQ) before regulations come into play that force their hand.

While legislation is a big factor in driving this change, companies are also mindful of the benefits better quality air can bring to the workplace including improved employee wellbeing and productivity, as well as cost savings and reduced energy consumption.

Join us for this special customer webinar where we explore some of the industry trends and regulatory developments to be aware of, the benefits of monitoring IAQ, and how Infogrid’s IAQ solution can help you to be compliant and offer a healthier and safer work environment for employees.

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  • Guest speaker
    Steven Biggs Product Manager (Healthy Buildings inc Smart Cleaning) @ Infogrid

  • Guest speaker
    McCready Andy Customer Success Manager @ Infogrid



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