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The Future of the Workplace: how to create a healthy, safe and sustainable workplace that your employees will love

About this event

Over two years since the first pandemic began, the workplace has undertaken a radical shift. Monday to Friday in the office is no longer fashionable as hybrid working becomes the norm.

Employees' expectations regarding their work environment have significantly heightened. No longer will ping pong tables and beer taps cut the mustard - employees now expect their health and wellbeing to be at the top of their employer’s priority list.

So what does a workplace manager do?

Join Anna Scally, Workplace Management Director at Avison Young, Craig O'Donnell, Group Innovation Director at Grosvenor, Kyle de Bruin, Development Director at Leesman, and Ross Sheil, SVP Commercial at Infogrid, for this fascinating discussion as they explore what exactly employees think about and want from their workplace, as well as practical steps every workplace and facility manager can take to future-proof their offices and make sure it’s an environment employees are proud to be a part of.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Karla Rivershaw Head of Field & Partner Marketing @ Infogrid

  • Guest speaker
    Craig O'Donnell Group Innovation Director @ Grosvenor

  • Guest speaker
    Anna Scally Workplace Management Director @ Avison Young

  • Guest speaker
    Kyle de Bruin Development Director @ Leesman

  • Guest speaker
    Ross Sheil SVP Commercial @ Infogrid


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