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Protect your brand on social media

About this event

It’s well known that cybercrime costs companies, authorities, and society large sums every year, but a connection with communication and marketing is something that is rarely highlighted.

As cybercrime poses a brand risk, communicators and marketers are the key to successful digital brand security.

In this webinar you will get insight into cybercrime anno 2020 and why it is important for communicators and marketers to act.

You will learn:

  • What kind of digital risks companies and authorities are exposed to.
  • How to identify the digital risks across digital and social media.
  • How you can mitigate digital risks and secure your brand online.

Drink your morning coffee with Alexander Wallin, Infomedia, and Lisa Deegan, ZeroFox, and get ready to take on the digital risks from a communication and brand perspective.

The webinar is free and especially relevant for communicators or marketers working in companies or organizations with a large digital presence.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Lisa Deegan Regional Director @ ZeroFOX

    ZeroFOX is a global leader in social media security and digital risk analysis. They use artificial intelligence-based analysis to safeguard modern organizations from security risks across all social and digital channels.


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