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Innerspace Webinar - "Develop Impactful Trainings in Times of the new Annex 1"

About this event

The revised Annex 1 requires significant adjustments for manufacturers of sterile products, including the training of cleanroom personnel. Simultaneously, advanced manufacturing procedures demand highly qualified personnel, necessitating advanced training. This webinar offers a practical guide on creating an impactful and Annex 1 compliant training curriculum, essential as part of a "Contamination Control Strategy" (CCS).


The webinar focuses on utilizing VR Simulators as immersive technologies, employed in a risk-based approach to enhance the effectiveness and impact of training. The topics covered include:

  • Creating risk-based learning objectives
  • Developing standardized VR Simulator lessons and linking them to site-specific processes
  • Establishing meaningful employee assessments
  • Objectively evaluating behavior using VR in line with APS


14:00–14:05 Welcoming and Introduction

14:05–14:25 Video-Presentation Sebastian Scheler

14:25–14:30 Poll-Round

14:30–15:00 Q&A


The webinar will be a hybrid event, featuring a pre-recorded presentation section followed by a live Q&A session with two Innerspace experts. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in live polls throughout the webinar.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Robin Thiedmann Marketing Manager @ Innerspace

  • Guest speaker
    Sebastian Scheler Chief-Methodologist @ Innerspace

    Sebastian Scheler obtained his Master of Science degree in Psychology and worked as a therapist for nine years. He later transitioned from the care sector to training professionals in communication and self-development. In 2017, he co-founded Innerspace and focused on learning methodology, portfolio management, and consulting services.


Impactful Cleanroom Training

Innerspace helps leading pharmaceutical companies train and assess cleanroom personnel more effectively than before to prevent mistakes and reduce risk.

We offer a scalable and globally implementable cleanroom simulator for training operators.