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An insight into the new EU regulation 2021/808

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SARAF invites you to follow a webinar for an insight into the new Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/808 of 22 March 2021 on the performance of analytical methods for residues of pharmacologically active substances used in food-producing animals and on the interpretation of results.

In this webinar, you will hear Mr. Frans Verstraete, European Commission Official responsible for the elaboration, development and management of the EU‐legislation concerning contaminants in feed and food, give a general context presentation.

Dr Joachim Polzer, Director of the EURL Berlin, Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL), will then take the floor to present an analysis of the practical changes involved for laboratories.

Dr Eric Verdon, Deputy Director of the EURL Fougères, in charge of the EURL and NRL Reference activity for the veterinary medicine residues, will then take you through a screening guide focusing on microbiological and immunological methods together with his colleague Drs Valerie Gaudin.

Finally, Drs Saskia Sterk, Director of the EURL Wageningen, WFSR, will present a guidance document on confirmation method validation (conventional approach) and the last contribution by Dr Joachim Polzer, will be a presentation of a guidance document on confirmation method validation (alternative approach).

The webinar will be moderated by Prof. Bruno Le Bizec, Director of NRL Nantes, LABERCA.

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    Bruno le Bizec Professeur @ Enseignement Supérieur

    Directeur LABERCA Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire Nantes France

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    Ronan Cariou

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    Florence Ramdin

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    Joachim Polzer

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    Saskia Sterk

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    Jean-Philippe Antignac

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    Emmanuelle Bichon

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    Valerie Gaudin

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    Gaud Dervilly

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    Slomy Noreskal

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    Eric Verdon

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    Frans Verstraete

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    Yann Guitton

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    Fabrice Monteau