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GPAI IP Workshop: Open-Source and Open Access Licensing in an AI LLMs World

About this event

GPAI IP Project Advisory Committee's online workshop: Open-Source and Open Access Licensing in an AI Large Language Model (LLMs) World

To help advance responsible open source and open access AI model sharing, the GPAI IP Project Advisory Committee is holding this virtual workshop to examine the current state of such licensing, how it will apply to AI, the new specific licensing emerging, how new type of obligations can help to bring more safety and how can they or the license be enforceable and enforced, and how we can further collaboration to avoid the pitfall of proliferation of licenses.


16:00 Presentation of Inria, GPAI, and IP Project Advisory Committee Co-Leads

  • Kaitlyn Bove, GPAI Project Manager, Inria

16:00 – 16:10 Welcome Remarks: Framing of the importance of open source to AI innovation and competition

  • Lee Tiedrich, Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Law and Responsible Technology, Duke University, and GPAI IP Committee Co-chair

16:10-16:50 How does open source licensing work for AI? Which elements will be made available under open source licensing? Is there any specific limitation? How will copyleft work for AI?

  • Moderator : Yann Dietrich, Head of IP, Atos and GPAI IP Committee Co-chair
  • McCoy Smith, Founding Attorney at Lex Pan Law
  • Yaniv Benhamou, Associate Professor (digital law) at the University of Geneva, Attorney-at-law of Intellectual Property & Privacy
  • Shun-Ling Chen, Associate Research Professor and Co-director, Information Law Center, Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica

16:50-17:50 What are the new open source and/or open access approaches for AI model licensing? How do they differ from current open source licenses discussed in the prior session?

  • Moderator : Jason Schultz, Professor of Clinical Law, Director of NYU's Technology Law & Policy Clinic, and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy
  • Jenny Lee, General Counsel at Strong Arm Technologies and Chair of RAIL Initiative
  • Heather Meeker, Open Source Licensing Specialist
  • Sushupta Sudarshan, Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property at Northrop Grumman
  • Paul Gagnon, AI & Tech Attorney (Commercial, AI, IT, Data, IP)

17:50-18:50 How can open source licensing or new licenses help to advance trust, reliable, and safe AI? What new types of provisions should be considered? How can these licenses be enforced?

  • Moderator : Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, Co-founder & COO of @ Stealth mode startup (LLM safety & governance)
  • Justin Colannino, Assistant General Counsel: Open Source, Standards, and Open ML
  • Luis Villa, Co-Founder and General Counsel at Tidelift
  • Elizabeth Seger, Director of digital policy at Demos
  • Martin Signoux, Public Policy Manager at Meta | XR and AI policy

18:50-19:35 With AI, is there a path to avoid proliferation of licenses?

  • Moderator : Lee Tiedrich, Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Law and Responsible Technology, Duke University, and GPAI IP Committee Co-chair
  • Catherine Stihler, Global open tech leader, partnership builder and public interest AI specialist; former Chief Executive Officer and President at Creative Commons
  • Stefano Maffulli, Executive Director of the Open Source Initiative
  • Peter Mattson, Senior Staff Engineer at Google, President of ML Commons

19:35-19:40 Closing remarks

  • Lee Tiedrich, Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Law and Responsible Technology, Duke University, and GPAI IP Committee Co-chair

This workshop is coordinated by GPAI Paris Expert Support Center at Inria.

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