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Webinaire actualité : "Suicide as a work and study-related organized practice that defies management"

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Suicide as a work and study-related organized practice that defies management:

How affective approaches may privilege care and protection over control and prevention

Suicide is a very serious cause of death across the globe. Organization and management theory avoids this serious and tragic aspect of both students and workers, whose populations are exposed to the risk of self-harm behavior for a number of different reasons. Sociology, psychiatry and a number of other disciplines and professions are concerned with understanding and improving workplace safety and mortality risks (occupational medicine, trade unions, institutional regulators and social services of many kinds, including psychoterapy) have all contributed to the statistical description and theorization of suicide that oriented towards some form of control and prevention of the phenomenon. This short webinar introduces some historical and recent evidence on suicide, and explores ways in which business school lecturers and researchers can engage more with this complex topic.

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    Fabio James Petani

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