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Towards a Geopolitics of Fear : A conversation between Fabio J. Petani and Manlio Graziano

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The current historical era is witnessing an unprecedented threat, which has caused a geopolitical and socioeconomic shock worldwide. The experience of lockdown connected with the life-threatening Covid-19 however can be inscribed in a wider, increasing phenomenon of fear, which is relevant to explain not only many private organizational and public management concerns, but also how the geopolitical equilibrium is governed at the level of supernational institutions holding a great political power over our emotions, our sense of identity and our perception of security (e.g. social media & news, scientific knowledge, religion, technology). This discussion will start by questioning the current greatly unstable global situation, to explore how the framing of uncertainty, of unknown threats and risks make a difference in today’s geopolitical landscape.

Manlio Graziano is the recognized author of many books – like What is a Border? (2018) and Geopolitics of International Relations of the 21st Century (2020) – and teaches Geopolitics at Sciences Po Paris, at the Sorbonne and HEC. He joins colleague and friend Prof. Fabio James Petani, who teaches Geopolitics and Business Ethics at INSEEC Grande Ecole to discusss together some of their emerging ideas.   

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    Fabio James Petani

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    Meryl Bibas Chargée de communication @ INSEEC GE

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    Manlio Graziano

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