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Accelerate Digital Customer Journeys and Activations With Anthony Hymes - Shiseido

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You've got a split second, only a moment, so how do you capture consumers' attention and hopefully get them to do something with you?

From the biggest trends sweeping the world, to the rise of networks as media outlets and our increasing dependency on social media - brands are competing across industries to engage customers. The popular practice of discounts sell may not be the best strategy to win over consumer affection or loyalty. 

Meet Anthony Hymes, the digital brand strategist behind some of the prolific influencer and digital campaigns at Shiseido for designer fragrances Zadig&Voltaire and Narciso Rodriguez. 

In this 30 min webinar with Anthony you will learn: 

  1. Key digital trends and top metrics from the world of beauty and fashion.
  2. Cool winning hacks to cut through the noise and deliver consistent and hyper-personalized journeys across channels.
  3. Common pitfalls of holiday and discount marketing and how to avoid them?
  4. How to convert engagement into sales?

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    Anthony Hymes Digital Brand Strategy Manager EMEA @ Shiseido

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    Insider . Insider


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