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Case Study: How Five Guys Reduced Their Invoice Processing Time By 50%

About this webinar

This deep-dive session will look into the methods and implementations that Five Guys used to reduce their invoice processing time by 50%, followed by a demonstration of the software that helped them achieve this.

This session will help you if your organisation has:

  • High invoice processing costs and difficulty processing documents quickly enough to avoid penalties.
  • Invoices coming from multiple locations and in multiple formats leading to duplicate payments, lost documents, higher risk of fraud, etc.
  • Difficulty to get an instant overview of cash flow and to make accurate financial projections.
  • Complicated approval processes.
  • Dealing with multiple currencies, and much more.

Download the whitepaper case study at https://www.getyooz.com/en-gb/client-success-story-five-guys

Find out more how Five Guys successfully tackled these pain points with Yooz AP Automation solution!

Find out more about Yooz at:- https://www.getyooz.com/en-gb/company

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Emily Vinson Sales Consultant @ Yooz

  • Team member
    Andrew Morris Virtual Event Producer @ Inspired Business Media

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