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How does FM & Maintenance Software Need to Change to Support Evolving Facilities Teams.

About this webinar

Technology has always played a part in the world of buildings and CAFM was born in the 1960s, so why is it, that some businesses are still not using technology to support the delivery of great building maintenance and manage compliance. Research shows that FM teams are still finding Facilities Software BMMS, CMMS, CAFM difficult to use, this doesn’t need to be the case.

We have not been trained to use Facebook, LinkedIn, get our online weekly shop, or buy clothes. So why is it that the facilities software market has been left behind by the eCommerce industry? Why is facilities software still complex to use, difficult to implement, and require mass training programs? What is the real reasons behind 50%+ of buildings and major companies in the UK not managing facilities maintenance through specialist software?

Discussion Points:

  • Why is it that CAFM/Facilities Software is still not widely being adopted by the FM community?
  • What the main drivers and deliverables behind implementing a CAFM?
  • Do you think Facilities software need to a change and if so how?
  • What are the gaps in FM technology that need improvement?
  • What do you see changing in the next 5 years?
  • How can you implement/scale a CAFM solution during time of disruption?
  • How does using CAFM deliver valuable insights to the boardroom to create change?

Our Panel will be discussing facilities maintenance software, their experiences, what needs to change, and how is modern technology is driving a shift in the marketplace.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Andrew Morris Virtual Event Producer @ Inspired Business Media

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Clinker MODERATOR @ Ex Head of FM & Property @ Nestle UK

  • Guest speaker
    Nadeem Ashraf Head of Planning & EAM @ Tesco

  • Guest speaker
    Fiona Happiness Head of Facilities Management @ UKTV

  • Guest speaker
    Adam Mason Director of FM Operations @ Expansive FM

  • Guest speaker
    Phil Singleton Head of Real Estate & FM Sourcing @ Swiss Re

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