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Leveraging Gamification in Scenario-based eLearning with Sysdig

About this event

Let's face it— its hard to keep your users engaged in eLearning. Leaders in the corporate education space like Sysdig are turning to scenario-based learning and gamification to drive increased adoption, engagement, and completion rates for their content from key prospects and customers.

Join Mateo Burillo, Product Manager at Sysdig, for a hands-on demonstration of how Sysdig is increasing engagement within their eLearning programs.

During this live webinar will cover:

  • The fundamentals of scenario based training and gamification
  • Practical insights into how Sysdig creates their training program
  • A live demo of one of Sysdig's top preforming scenario based learning courses

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Tyler Crumpler

  • Guest speaker
    Mateo Burillo

  • Guest speaker
    Thomas Randall Chief Customer Officer @ Instruqt


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