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Metal Wastage Mitigation in Waste Heat Boilers, Smelters and Ducting in Mineral Processing

About this webinar

Learn how Mineral Processing facilities refining and smelting copper, alumina, ferronickel, platinum and steel address metal wastage within their mission-critical equipment, including converter furnaces, smelter furnaces, and off-gas ducting.

Metal surfaces in these high-temperature environments suffer from hot corrosion, acid attack, solid particle erosion, acid dew point corrosion, among other wastage mechanisms. Frequent replacement and welding repairs can become costly, lead to forced outages, and significant production losses. Any delay in permanently solving corrosion and erosion problems can lead to environmental concerns and ultimately lead to fines, as well as operational losses. Mineral processing plants trust IGS to maintain their assets’ integrity due to our track record and experience in offering turnkey, robust, and lasting maintenance solutions.


Teresa Huysamen, Director of IGS South Africa Division

Teresa has been specifying and applying corrosion and erosion mitigation solutions to Mining, Mineral Processing and Refining facilities in the Southern Africa for several decades.

Iain Hall, IGS Chief Technology Officer

Iain Hall has been instrumental in the development of the latest HVTS (High Velocity Thermal Spray) Alloy Cladding Technology. Iain has decades of experience in material science and application. He specializes in metal spray corrosion and erosion mitigation cladding systems for mission-critical equipment.

Webinar Topics

Corrosion in Converter Furnaces | Waste Heat Boilers

Converter Furnaces suffer from hot corrosion acid attack, solid particle erosion and acid dew point corrosion, caused by the presence of a combination of sulphur, halides and water vapour in a high temperature environment. Frequent tube replacement and welding repairs can become costly and lead to forced outages and production loss.

Corrosion in Copper Coolers

Sulphidation of copper coolers occurs, exacerbated by HCl gas. Corrosion rates as high as 80 mm/y can be observed when copper is exposed to the sulphide gas at 110°C/ 230°F. This observation suggests that sulphide alone can cause severe corrosion to copper coolers even at moderate temperatures. When HCl is added, the corrosion rate is enhanced above 112°C/ 233°F, and pitting corrosion is observed.

Corrosion in Off-Gas Ducting

Off-gas ducts experience acid dew point corrosion, accelerated corrosion attack combined with erosive forces due to the high temperature process environment. Failing organic coatings, frequent metal replacement and welding repairs can become costly and lead to forced outages, production loss, and environmental concerns.

Who is Going to Attend

This seminar is designed for engineers and managers responsible for the reliability and maintenance of Mineral Processing Facilities, including Maintenance Engineers, Engineering Managers, Special Project Engineers, and Metallurgists.

What to Expect During the Webinar?

The webinar will start promptly and will be delivered presentation style utilizing various supporting media, including images and video. After 30 minutes, Iain and Teresa will take questions from the audience and answer them live. This portion can take 15-30 minutes+, depending on the amount of questions.

Webinar Recording

This webinar will be recorded. The recording will be made available exclusively to the webinar registrants.

Registration Confirmation

After registering, you will receive an email with your unique link to join the webinar. If you don't receive your registration confirmation email, please contact marina.silva@integratedglobal.com

Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting

Some companies' firewalls can make it difficult to attend the webinar live. Our webinar provider, Livestorm, have a team available to help attendees who are experiencing technical difficulties. Some suggestions in case there are any issues on the day:

If you cannot watch or hear the webinar: activate the compatibility mode. 

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    Teresa Huysamen General Manager @ IGS Africa

    I am a vibrant individual, who has an absolute passion for my work. I studied B.Eng (Chemical) and I currently lead my team at IGS Africa in growing our business to record numbers in the next 3 years.

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Integrated Global Services delivers customized and engineered metal wastage solutions. IGS's local turnkey capabilities around the globe combined with a fast operational response solidified their position as a global leader in their field.