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Predictive Maintenance: there is no one size fits all solution

About this webinar

Industry 4.0 is a long journey and a huge challenge for any enterprise. But every journey starts with a first step. From where we stand, our professional relationships started with a first request for a predictive maintenance solution. In all cases we started to interlace AI methods with the culture and DNA of the company.

Although the buzzword "Predictive Maintenance" is on everyone's lips, there still are no real best practives in the market. However, thanks to our experience, we are now able to summarize the challenges during implementation of these use cases and how we answered them. Furthermore, we can highlight subsequent use cases which are typically of interest for manufacturing companies.

Watch the replay of this webinar, led by Caroline Kleist, Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics at the Positive Thinking Company to discover the typical course of AI projects, and especially predictive maintenance ones, in manufacturing branches.


  • Inspiration: 3 Use Cases (including Predictive Maintenance + what you can do with Machine Learning besides this buzzword)
  • Challenges: Common challenges during Implementation
  • Solutions: How to face these challenges
  • Q & A

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Guillaume Ovtchareno Founder & Leader @ Intico

  • Guest speaker
    Caroline Kleist Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics @ Positive Thinking Company

    As a data science expert, Caroline is heading the Data Science department at the Positive Thinking Company. She is an experienced companion in establishing AI at companies from a wide range of industries: from customer analytics projects to streaming data analytics for predictive maintenance.


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