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State Of Data Center, Cloud, And Applications In 2019 Webinar

About this webinar

If you’re in the cloud space, you’ve probably noticed that the data center industry is rapidly evolving.

The broad accessibility and affordability of global cloud computing infrastructure and SaaS products has made it possible for businesses to deploy software and applications with a few clicks.

As the world moves to the cloud, data center providers are shifting their focus from pursuing traditional one-of business customers to meeting the needs of large cloud service providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft that are fueling widespread cloud adoption.

So, how can you be sure your organization is poised to capitalize on this global transformation? That’s what we’ll discuss in this webinar.

You'll learn:

  • Which trends are powering the most significant growth of cloud application hosting?
  • How do preferred hosting environments differ by company size?
  • How have application hosting environments changed over time?
  • Who are the leading data center providers and how do they compare?

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    Ben Lack Intricately

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    Sarah Brown Marketing @ Intricately

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    Mike Pollack Co Founder @ Intricately

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