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Let's Build it - Your own Robo Advisor in 30 minutes with InvestGlass

About this event

In this InvestGlass 30 minutes webinar - we will show you how to build for CHF 50 per month an amazing low-cost, customizable digital wealth management tool.

Yes, we will build together in 30 minutes a Robo advisor.

Convert leads into clients. Convert dormant savings into profitable investment assets.


Robo advisor doesn’t mean low cost and cheap investment accounts

Robo-advisors are a hot topic in the world of investing and wealth management. They have been popularized by companies like Wealthfront, Betterment, and WiseBanyan. But what are they exactly? In this blog post we will give you the details on robo-advisors to help you decide if they would be a good fit for your investment portfolio.

1. What are robo advisors and how do they work

Robo advisors are built with a nice onboarding form. Those forms are meant to mimic human financial advisors. Those forms process data to replace human intervention. This is a scalable process to offer to retail investors to service human advisers would give to private banks or UNW individuals. Human investment advisor are not present during this self-service onboarding. Each answer is processed with a content measurement rule. At the end of the questionnaire, a portfolio management solution is suggested.

2. Who should use a robo advisor

Replacing a human financial advisor might not be something you can offer directly in your company. Your company Partners could be reluctant to delegates investors’ interaction to a machine. However, a new generation of investors will appreciate the gamification of investment portfolio selection. Human advisors can use with their customers the software. The software is then here to show investment management details come out investment products, investment goals with beautiful charts. Creating an experience which engages new prospect with no account minimum.

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