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AI - Transforming How we Work: A GenesisAI and Graze Mowing Joint Investor Webinar and AMA

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Widespread worker shortages and our changing relationship to work has created an urgent need for automation in industries like commercial landscaping. Join CEOs, John Vlay and Archil Cheishvili for a discussion on how today's technology start-ups are using AI to fill the gaps in hopes of transforming entire industries. 

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About GenesisAI: Founded by Harvard alum, GenesisAI is building a global AI marketplace that allows people to buy or sell AI APIs at scale. GenesisAI is aiming to disrupt the $210B AI market. With over 2k registered users and a revenue-generating product, GenesisAI is on a mission to allow everyone in the world to use the power of AI. Join GenesisAI's Series A round on Netcapital.

About Graze: Working closely with our industry partners, Graze has uncovered a massive opportunity in the $129B commercial landscaping market. After over 3 years of R&D we have reached an incredibly important milestone with the development of the latest version of our electric, fully autonomous lawn mowers - Graze V3. 

Through Graze Series B round individual investors can purchase equity shares in Graze and join the community of over 10,000 shareholders, powering our progress toward commercializing Graze mowers. Click here to learn more and invest.

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  • Guest speaker
    JW G
    Justin Williams

  • Guest speaker
    JV G
    John Vlay CEO Graze Mowing

  • Guest speaker
    AC G
    Archil Cheishvili CEO GenesisAI

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