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LIFT Aircraft Investor Webinar June 4th

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Join us Tuesday, June 4th for an exclusive investment opportunity webinar on our revolutionary eVTOL technology led by CEO, Matt Chasen. Discover how you can be a part of this pioneering venture that is set to transform urban mobility. HEXA, a leader in eVTOL transportation, has already launched its pay-per-flight services and is planning rapid expansion into over 20 global locations including New York, Dubai, and Austin. With a solid track record, including 6 US Air Force contracts and $22M in venture-backed funding, HEXA is not just a concept, but a reality. Secure your spot today and be part of the future of personal flight!

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  • Guest speaker
    MC G
    Matt Chasen CEO @ LIFT Aircraft

  • Guest speaker
    KG G
    Kristin Giffin Chief of Staff @ LIFT Aircraft

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