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LiquidPiston Investor Webinar

About this event

Join Alec Shkolnik, LiquidPiston's President & CEO, in an exclusive investor webinar to learn more about LiquidPistons's revolutionary technology and the current opportunity to invest in the company on StartEngine.

Topics covered:

  • Current Reg A+ Fundraising Round on StartEngine
  • LiquidPiston's competitive advantages
  • LiquidPiston's potential impact on a $400B market

LiquidPiston, Inc. (LPI) develops advanced rotary internal combustion engines based on the company’s patented thermodynamic cycle and novel rotary engine architecture. Our engines are compact, powerful, quiet, efficient, low-vibration, multi-fuel capable and scalable from 1HP to over 1000 HP.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Alec Shkolnik President & CEO @ LiquidPiston

  • Guest speaker
    CP G
    Chris Pollitt

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