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Startup Investing Webinar with Autonomix, Knightscope, and Infinity Fuel January 11th

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Join CEOs Lori Bisson from Autonomix, William Santana Li from Knightscope, and William F. Smith from Infinity Fuel alongside Eugene Cofie from DealMaker on Thursday, January 11th at 2 PM EST to learn about investing in these startups.

Autonomix (Nasdaq: AMIX) is developing revolutionary technology that can both detect malfunctioning neural signals and ablate nerves in one simple procedure for pain management. There’s an estimated $100B global market opportunity in treating cardiac, pulmonary, and other disorders at their root in the nervous system which opens up a world of MedTech possibilities. This is a unique opportunity to become an early investor in time for the planned Nasdaq listing.

Knightscope (Nasdaq: KSCP), at the forefront of revolutionizing security through innovative technology, is excited to present at this special webinar event. During this session, attendees will gain unique insights into Knightscope's bond offering directly from the CEO. This event is designed to provide a deep dive into the company's vision, mission, and the intricacies of the current bond offering, offering a comprehensive understanding of Knightscope's growth strategy.

Infinity Fuel Cell & Hydrogen is bringing renewable, carbon-free energy everywhere from deserts to deep space. Their fuel cell technology can support a lifetime of power using only water and air to generate electricity. Infinity’s electrolyzers convert water into hydrogen and oxygen gas at 2000 psia without compressors. With $9 million in revenue for 2022 and a clean energy boom underway, it’s the perfect time to review Infinity®.

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  • Guest speaker
    William F Smith President/CEO @ Infinity®

  • Guest speaker
    William Santana Li CEO @ Knightscope

  • Guest speaker
    Eugene Cofie DealMaker

  • Guest speaker
    Lori Bisson CEO @ Autonomix

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