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Learn how your organization can support workplace collaboration in a digital-first world

About this event

This webinar is best for: Communication team and HR specialists

Since the outbreak of COVID we’ve proved that we can be effective and productive working from anywhere. It's our responsibility to empower people to work when and where it is best for them.

In this webinar we will walk you through the principles that will guide you to being a digital-first company. We will also share tips on how to encourage team collaboration and communication while working from different locations.

Things you’ll learn:

  • Understanding and defining the digital-first approach
  • The principles that will guide you through the process
  • Real-world examples on how organizations are embracing the digital-first approach
  • How Involv can be your digital HQ and features that will help your team collaborate and communicate no matter where they work

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  • Team member
    Pascal Herreweghe Digital Communication Expert @ Involv Intranet

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