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What's the financial value of an intranet?

About this event

Join our Co-Founder; Walter Van Hecke; as he explains how you calculate the financial value of a new intranet and present the case to the leadership team.

Why Attend?

Internal communication has never been so important and as communicators we need tools that help us to get everybody in the workforce involved and engaged.

Since the outbreak of COVID the intranet has replaced the physical office as the place to create connections and a sense of community.

But getting leadership to understand the added value; even now; isn't easy.

So if you’re putting a new intranet business case before senior leaders and CFOs in 2022, you’re going to need more than positive energy and soft ROI.

If you want your business case to make the cut you need a vision, soft and hard ROI's and measurable KPI's.

There's just too much uncertainty the leadership team has to deal with for you to show up without any financial value.

In this webinar we will show you how you can prove the financial value of an employee experience platform for your organization and make sure the business case gets approved by the leadership team.

Join us and discover:

  • How to calculate the ROI
  • Which KPI's or objectives are used
  • How to present the business case
  • How to prevent procrastination from the leadership team

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Walter Van Hecke Co-founder @ Cognit - Involv Intranet

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    KB T
    Ken Bellemans


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