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iObeya Partner's Program Webinar - Lean Session

About this event

Join us for a 45-minute introduction to iObeya and our partner program.

This session will focus on visual management support for clients that are implementing Lean Project Management, Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, and digitizing your performance management system including SQDCP.

We will start with a short introduction to iObeya, our history and how our partner program works. We will also do a demo of the platform (which is always the best part).

The goal of this webinar is to teach you enough to see how the use of iObeya will provide significant value for your clients by:

  • Increasing team, cross-team and cross-organizational collaboration and visibility
  • Enabling continuous improvement
  • Improve problem escalation and accelerate resolution
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Improve alignment of strategy and execution
  • Drive business agility

Come learn about taking the leap from visual collaboration using digital whiteboards to a visual management system using a network of interconnected digital team rooms (obeyas).

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Paul Culling Head of Alliances @ iObeya

  • Team member
    Philippe Bruiant Alliances Director @ iObeya


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