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IOVlabs invites you to their webinar

RIF Lumino workshop

About this webinar

The RIF Lumino Network is the first off-chain state channel network launched on RSK. It is also a cornerstone of a broader vision called RIF Payments which will allow users to seamlessly interact with multiple cross-blockchain off-chain networks such as Lumino, Lightning and Raiden.

RIF Lumino allows to make off-chain payments on any token deployed on RSK in a fast, reliable, with low fees and secured by the Bitcoin network.

Do you want to learn more about RIF Lumino? Visit:

🔵 https://www.rifos.org/payments

🔵 https://developers.rsk.co/rif/lumino/

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Amelia Trapp

  • Guest speaker
    Marcos Martinez Lumino Developer @ Infuy

  • Team member
    Francisco Torres Vidal Event Manager @ IOVlabs

  • Guest speaker
    Alejandro Narancio RIF garden Architect @ IOVlabs


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