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IOV Labs invites you to their webinar

RSK Ecosystem Fund: Criteria, process, first round of investments review

About this webinar

The RSK Ecosystem Fund is a thesis driven fund that sees the potential to build entirely new classes of services on top of the secured Bitcoin network.

It makes investments in rapidly accelerating, seed-stage startups who need a capital infusion to kickstart their ideas.

Learn more: https://fund.rsk.co/

Today we will look deeply into:

  • The criteria,
  • The process,
  • And a review of the first round of investments.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    FT T
    Francisco Torres Vidal Event Manager @ IOVlabs

  • Guest speaker
    KS G
    Katerina Stroponiati Founding Partner @ Monday Capital

  • Guest speaker
    GV G
    Gloria Vailati CMO @ IOVlabs

  • Guest speaker
    KS G
    Kostas Stro

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