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IP4Teen invites you to their webinar

Teaching Intellectual Property at Schools: Tips and Resources for Educators

About this webinar

This webinar aims to present the IP4Teen project, as well as provide a series of recommendations for teachers (and future high school teachers) that aim to teach basic intellectual property concepts to high school students.

The webinar is developed within the framework of the IP4Teen Project. This initiative, supported by European Union Intellectual Property Office - EUIPO and Ideas Powered, aims to raise awareness among European adolescents about the value of intellectual property and related risks with piracy and buying imitations.


Presentation of the IP4Teen Project
  • Intellectual Property, Piracy and Counterfeiting.
  • Teaching resources on Intellectual Property.
  • Main results of the project.
Recommendations for teaching Intellectual Property (IP) in Secondary Schools.
  • Practical advice on how to teach intellectual property basics to high school students, raising awareness of its value and the damage caused by piracy and counterfeiting.
Conclusions of the IP4Teen pilot project.
  • Highlights from the experience of students and teachers participating in the IP4Teen pilot project.

Disclaimer: The IP4Teen project is carried out by the University of Alicante with the support of the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This website only reflects the views of its author. The European Union Intellectual Property Office is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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    IP4Teen Project

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    Robert Pocklington

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    Lea Montese


Educational initiative seeking to raise awareness about damage caused by piracy & counterfeiting

🛡 Protect the originals 🥊 Fight the fakes
📣 Educational initiative seeking to raise awareness about damage caused by piracy & counterfeiting.
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