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About this webinar

Ask the Expert Series

In this series, we will invite experts in the industry to discuss various subjects, focussed around condition based monitoring and partial discharge.

The webinar will be in two parts. First an interview style, where our host will find out answers to key questions around the subject specialism of the expert. In the second part, you have the opportunity to ask the expert questions you have in mind - you can send in questions during the webinar, or before the webinar by emailing sales@ipec.co.uk

About Our Next Guest

Dr Martin Judd, BSc PhD, graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1996. Dr Judd was formerly a Professor at the University of Strathclyde with responsibility for the High Voltage Technologies Research Laboratory, where for nearly 20 years he carried out research and published extensively on partial discharges and diagnostics. In 2014, he formed his company High Frequency Diagnostics and Engineering Ltd where he continues to be closely involved with the development and application of partial discharge monitoring equipment.

We will be discussing a range of issues and subjects focusing on partial discharge detection in EHV networks, but if you have specific questions, please feel free to email them in advance to sales@ipec.co.uk and we will select some to be featured.

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