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IPEC Partial Discharge Webinar for India - Part 1 - Partial Discharge Overview

About this event

Partial Discharge Overview

IPEC are experts in On-line Partial Discharge (PD) testing of High Voltage assets. With world-leading technology for the detection and location of PD in cables, switchgear and accessories, IPEC helps our customers to better monitor the condition of their HV networks.

This Webinar is to give an overview of Partial Discharge for the audience in India. The webinar will include the latest PD technology, PD testing and monitoring equipment, and global case studies.


  • About IPEC
  • PD Theory
  • PD Handheld instruments
  • PD Monitoring systems
  • Case Studies
  • Q&A

This project was developed with support from Energy Catalyst. Energy Catalyst is an Innovate UK programme with funding from UK aid.

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    Carl Eastham Sales Director @ IPEC


On-line PD Testing and Monitoring Solutions


On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring and Testing solutions