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The PD Webinar - Partial Discharge in Underground Cables

About this event

In this The PD Webinar, we will discuss all aspects of Partial Discharge in underground cables.

What will you learn?

  • What is Partial Discharge (PD)?
  • How will PD affect HV cables?
  • How to detect PD in underground cables?
  • What device can be used to detect and monitor PD in cables?

About the speaker:

Dr Colin Smith

Dr Colin Smith graduated from The University of Manchester with a Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990 and joined the University’s Energy Systems Group to study for a PhD in high voltage engineering followed by a year as a Research Associate. In 1994 he was a founding member of IPEC Ltd, a company providing a wide range of partial discharge technologies and services to the electricity supply industry. With 25 years’ experience, Colin is an acknowledged expert in the field of Partial Discharge detection and monitoring on MV, HV & EHV cables and switchgear.

During this period, he has also worked as an associate lecturer at The University of Manchester as well as conducting lecture and seminar tours around the world.

Since 1990, Colin has authored or co-authored 15 academic papers in the field of high voltage insulation monitoring.

We will always reserve time for open Q&A, so please come along with questions about PD, or feel free to ask some during the session!

If you have a more complex question or subject area you want us to consider, please email sales@ipec.co.uk

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