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Decoding Developer Marketing

About this event

Tech marketing without developer marketing is incomplete—full stop. We can no longer rely on traditional demand gen that only targets decision makers but instead need to consider the unique needs of the developer audience and prioritize reaching them within our marketing mix. As technology solutions move from a niche into the mainstream, this will become increasingly important.

Join us on November 4th at 11 am PT for a developer marketing-focused coffee break discussion between two Iron Horse leaders; Uzair Dada, Co-Founder and CEO, and Darren Yuen, Digital Strategy Director.

This conversation will include:

  • What it really means to put together a developer marketing strategy
  • Differences and commonalities between tech and dev marketing
  • What it takes to influence conversions and target the whole buying team

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    Darren Yuen

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    Uzair Dada CEO @ Iron Horse

Iron Horse

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