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Digital Experiences: Up-Leveling with Interactive Content

About this event

The need for and usage of digital experiences has exploded. Companies are jumping on the virtual events train, but not because it’s simply trendy to do so, rather it’s to extract rich data and account insights uniquely available through virtual events. However, the problem companies face now is that of user fatigue.

With everyone hosting virtual events, the space has become extremely loud, and people continue to sign up for everything while attending nothing. To break through the noise, companies need to stand out  - and one solution is engaging content that has interactivity.

Join our upcoming Coffee Break Discussion between Uzair Dada, Founder & CEO of Iron Horse and atEvent, and Kevin Croxton, Chief Revenue Officer at Ceros, where they’ll be covering what it takes to overcome this fatigue and create better digital experiences. During this conversation, they will dive into the data and address:

  • Developing purpose-built digital experiences to drive prospect and customer engagement
  • Marketing and sales use cases where interactive content can be beneficial
  • Executing outcome-based strategies over content-led strategies

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Kevin Croxton Chief Revenue Officer @ Ceros

  • Team member
    Uzair Dada CEO @ Iron Horse

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