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How to Accelerate your ABM Strategy with Gifting

About this event

Personalized, memorable gifts can help capture attention and lay the foundation for account relationships, but when it is too much or too little, and how do companies find the right balance?

Join us on Tuesday, May 25th for our coffee break discussion with Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh, Director of Demand Gen at Postal.io, and Ellen Smoley, Growth Marketing Manager at Iron Horse. We’ll explore the do's and don'ts around gifting, where experiential marketing matters in your ABM strategy, and how to gift wisely and purposefully.

In this discussion, Lauren and Ellen will cover:

  • How to create meaningful experiences throughout the sales cycle to drive results
  • Using direct mail and personalization to connect with top accounts on a deeper level and stand out from competitors
  • The role marketing plays in partnering with sales to accelerate the funnel and generate leads
  • What curated experiences look like, and how to use them to break up the work day with interactive networking activities

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ellen Smoley Virtual Events Strategy Lead @ Iron Horse

  • Guest speaker
    Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh Director, Demand Generation @ Postal.io

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