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ISWA invites you to their webinar

Summary of the State of Soils in Five Countries

About this webinar

The webinar will present the third of 4 reports of the ISWA-funded project investigating the benefits of compost and anaerobic digestate on soil.

The report highlights the main threats to, and diversity of, soil in different parts of the world. It provides a brief summary that can be understood and used by urban planners, waste planners and managers. Its aim is to highlight the importance of considering land use and soil quality, and its links with food production, organic waste and quality compost and digestate.

The webinar give a summary of the state of soils in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Italy and United Kingdom.

All reports of the project Benefits of Compost and Anaerobic Digestate on Soil can be found on the ISWA website.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Marco Ricci – Jürgensen

    Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Biological Treatment of Waste, managing Altereko sas consulting, senior Expert at CIC - Italian Composting and Biogas Association.

  • Guest speaker
    Jane Gilbert

    Jane Gilbert has been involved in the organics recycling sector for over twenty years. She is the former chief executive of the UK Composting Association, co-founder of the European Compost Network and vice chair of the ISWA’s Biological Treatment Working Group


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