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Waste-to-Energy and the Green Deal

About this event

We all agree that waste needs to be dealt with in an environmentally sound way. At the European level, strict new targets and measures have added even more pressure on member states to increase capacity for recycling, and waste minimisation, but also for the final treatment of residual waste. It is the latter point that this webinar will focus on, specifically the option of thermal treatment (also known as Waste-to-Energy).

Through thermal treatment, residual municipal solid waste is treated in an environmentally safe combustion system to generate energy and to reduce the need for landfill disposal. Waste that cannot be reused or recycled still represents a valuable source of energy i.e. heat or electricity.

This predominantly renewable energy can replace that produced from conventional power plants which use fossil fuels, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Waste thermal treatment with energy recovery is a technology that diverts waste from landfills, provides locally available and sustainable energy, reduces dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to climate protection by avoiding landfill methane emissions.

With this in mind, ISWA’s Working Group on Energy Recovery will discuss the positive role that WtE can play in a sustainable, integrated waste management system, but also taking into consideration that it should be the option after end of life, reuse, refurbishing and recycling options have been realized. It represents the final sink of the circular economy keeping the recycling industry clean of hazardous substances.

Join ISWA’s Working Group and some special guest speakers for this exclusive webinar on Wednesday November 25th 14.00-15.30.

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  • Guest speaker
    Johnny Stuen

    Johnny Stuen, director of production at the Waste Agency, City of Oslo. He is responsible for operation of the treatment plants for municipal waste in the City of Oslo. Chair of the ISWA working group for energy recovery since spring 2017.

  • Guest speaker
    Ella Stengler

    Dr. Ella Stengler is the Managing Director of CEWEP (the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) since July 2003. CEWEP is the European Umbrella Association of the operators of Waste-to-Energy Plants and has offices in Germany and Brussels.

  • Guest speaker
    Christophe Cord'Homme

    More than 30 years of experience in the Environment and Energy industries in sustainable development, circular economy, pollution control & energy transition. Vice-chair of the ISWA Working Group Energy Recovery. Development Director for the Environment and Renewable Energies sector of CNIM Group.


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