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iSYSTEM Webinar: CPU Load Measurement

About this event

Why should you attend?

The complexity of modern embedded applications is increasing at a staggering pace.  Advances in multicore technology and embedded SoCs are compounding that reality.  Translating complexity into more simple terms while at the same time providing an accurate measurement of how the system is performing provides vital feedback during development.

This webinar will discuss CPU Load Analysis, describing the two supported methods:

-          No Hardware Trace available: Using Sampling based Profiling

-          Hardware Trace available: Using Analyzer Post-Processing

These are two new features implemented in the latest winIDEA 9.21.22.

We will show how the Sampling based Profiling data can be captured and displayed in winIDEA. Furthermore, the iSYSTEM Analyzer Post-Processing feature will be used to calculate CPU Load from a recorded Hardware Trace. Other techniques will also be discussed to calculate CPU Load like instrumentation-based load measurement and OS-based load measurement using AUTOSAR.

Who should attend?

Embedded Software Developers, System Architects, Software Integrators, Test Engineers, and everybody who is interested in end-to-end timing measurement.

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    Chris Schlink Sr. Application Support Engineer @ iSYSTEM USA


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