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On-Demand: Education Webinar - Ensuring The Safety, Security & Accessibility Of Your Data

About this event

Ensuring The Safety, Security & Accessibility Of Data In Your Schools, Colleges & University.

During this on-demand webinar we will discuss and share proven ways to ensure the safety, security and accessibility of data in your school is as effective as it can possibly be.

Due to the pandemic and the need for schools to operate in both a remote and physical capacity, the need to ensure complete safety and security of information and data has never been more important.

With school staff operating on a variety of different devices, from different remote and physical locations as well as accessing information in new ways - it is essential to have the correct and appropriate strategies, processes and procedures in place to ensure compliance and the safeguarding of information and data at all times.

So you may be considering:

  • What can my school be doing better or differently to ensure we are compliant?
  • What can we do to ensure the correct and appropriate staff gain access only to the information and files they require and not everything?
  • Where are the potential gaps in our current processes and procedures which could expose us to risk?
  • What advice and solutions are available to schools to help us in this critical area?

We are working with a considerable number of schools and MATs across the UK helping them to enhance their safety, security and accessibility of information and data.

As this topic is so important (and also one of the most common enquiries we receive from schools on a weekly basis) we would like to welcome you and your colleagues to learn more about our methodology, tools, advice, solutions and explore if they align with your current challenges, projects or perhaps they may be on your roadmap for future years.

As our way of thanking you for joining us, we would like to offer you and your school a complimentary Data Safety And Security Review with a senior member of our Support Team, saving your school over £500.

If you have any questions or queries in the meantime, please feel free to contact myself or a member of our team by calling: 01482 586732 or email discover@itspectrum.co.uk

Thanks and best wishes

Steve Motley

Hosted by

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    Neil Wells Senior Account Manager @ IT@Spectrum

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    Adam Forrest Business Process Consultant @ IT@Spectrum Ltd



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