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On-Demand: Intelligence Tools. Empowering You And Your SLT With Vital Information & Data

About this event

Intelligence Tools for schools, colleges and universities. Empowering You And Your SLT With Vital Information & Data Required To Make The Right Decisions At The Right Times

During this on demand webinar we will discuss and share proven ways to empower you and your school with instant access to vital school information.

Accessing real time, reliable data, information and reports, empowers you to make the right decisions at the right times. You will see the whole picture of what is happening across your school or MAT in an elegant dashboard format.

Over the last three years we have worked hand in hand with dozens of schools and MATs to identify and commission the highest quality School Intelligence Tools.

During this on-demand webinar we share with you:

  • The types of information identified as being vital / critical by CEOs of trusts, Headteachers, Business Managers, Finance Managers and SLT
  • The significant challenges (around data and information) faced by these schools and MATs - identified via our discovery and exploration methodology
  • The significant and tangible impact the School Intelligence Tools have had within these schools and MATs.
  • Case studies - we will share a variety of impact studies to support the significant return on investment (ROI) on these tools.

As our way of thanking you for joining us, we would like to offer you and your school a complimentary review of your reporting and data tools with a senior member of our Support Team, saving your school over £500.

If you have any questions or queries in the meantime, please feel free to contact myself or a member of our team by calling: 01482 586732 or email discover@itspectrum.co.uk

Thanks and best wishes

Steve Motley

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    Adam Forrest Business Process Consultant @ IT@Spectrum Ltd

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    Neil Wells Senior Account Manager @ IT@Spectrum



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