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How can evaluation work support ​greater vaccine equity for COVID-19?​

About this event

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting a free webinar to explore the role of evaluation in supporting vaccine equity for COVID-19.

The panel will feature:

  • Dr Mariângela Simão (WHO Assistant Director-General for Access to Medicines, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals)
  • Gian Gandhi (UNICEF COVAX Coordinator)
  • Laura Craw (Senior Programme Manager, Monitoring, at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance)
  • Lois Chingandu (Director: Evidence & Influence, Frontline AIDS)

We will discuss:

  • How can real-time assessments help evaluate whether initiatives to distribute vaccines equitably are working or will work?
  • What data or evidence is required to ensure that low- and middle-income countries aren’t left behind?
  • What role – if any – can evaluative evidence have in addressing ‘vaccine nationalism’? How can the global community rise to the challenge of equitable vaccine distribution?
  • What are the in-country challenges and bottlenecks that are being exposed as the vaccine race unfolds? How can we put into place systems to track attempts to address these?

Banner image: istock/Irina Shatilova

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Pippa Page Health Consultant @ Itad

  • Team member
    Sam McPherson Partner @ Itad

  • Guest speaker
    MS G
    Mariângela Simão Assistant Director-General for Access to Medicines, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals @ World Health Organisation

  • Guest speaker
    Lois Chingandu Director: Evidence & Influence, Frontline AIDS @ Frontline AIDS

  • Team member
    Marco Maragno MEL Consultant @ Itad

  • Guest speaker
    Laura Craw Senior Programme Manager @ Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

  • Guest speaker
    GG G
    Gian Gandhi COVAX Coordinator @ UNICEF


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