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How Seapix 3D multibeam sonar supports selective tuna catching decision?

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When approaching a tuna schoal, whether it is a "free" shoal or an aggregated bank under FAD, the tuna vessel bases its catch decision on several complex criteria such as concentration, quantity, homogeneity, depth and dynamics of the bank, in order to reduce its by-catches and target the species in accordance with the regulations.

SeapiX multibeam 3D sonar provides the skipper with an innovative and precise answer during this crucial phase of analysis before releasing and purse seining, leading to significant time and efficiency gains by avoiding unnecessary seine hauls through the application of a true catch selectivity strategy.

Christophe Corbières, our SeapiX expert, will explain how the sonar works, with videos of the interface  and with live animation of the software and share some  feedback from skippers. Christophe will answer your questions during an Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

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